Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Welcome to the new Windows On Mac site

The last couple days I have had a large number of people asking me exactly what this new website will entail and what exactly is it's purpose. I will try to answer a few of the most common questions that I've been asked.

The new Windows On Mac website will be about everything that has to do with running your favorite Windows applications or games on Mac. Thus far I have accomplished allot of the things necessary to launch the site but a few items still remain and I continue to work on the the missing parts needed to do a full launch.

The site will cover commercial, shareware and open source solutions for Mac users to run Windows applications on their Mac, Tablet or iOS cellphone.

Some of the software and SaaS solutions include
  • Wine from winehq.org and  PlayOnMac from www.playonmac.com as the open source solutions.
  • Parallels Desktop from Parallels Inc as a commercial solution.
  • CodeWeavers CrossOver Mac as a commercial solution.
  • VMware Fusion from VMware Inc as a commercial solution.
  • Citrix Desktop Player from Citric Inc as a high quality Saas solution.
This is not a exclusive list but only a sample of the product offerings that will be available. So if you need a open source or commercial solution you will easily be able to find it here to meet every need that you could possibly come across.

This site will be a place for information from the single at home user, small business up to corporate solutions. the site will provide news and updates about each product with the commercial solutions offering discounts and promotions off their normal retail pricing.

Be sure to check back soon for further updates...


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